Berlin-based DJ/Producer Markus Binapfl aka Big World is involved in the global music scene for more than a decade with an impressive string of successes. He firstly hit the big time in Mainstream Music, having more than 200 releases nowadays, including a bunch of Gold and Platinum hits under his belt. These days, Big World has left the world of Pop behind and concentrates his talents on House Music, giving a special taste to the Funky sounds. Dbeatzion Records had the honour of counting with Markus inside one of our best singles ever - Dance Now - a remake of the 90's Old-school hit you surely remember, originally covered by Rinat Latif & Vincent Vega. Also recently included in our Winter Music Compilation alongside huge acts such as Jerome Isma-Ae, Bimbo Jones, Fine Touch, BK Duke and Jody Den Broeder, to name a few. Let's see what he told us once he landed in Germany after WMC 2012.

1. First off, we have to express the pleasure being you the first artist to access to our interviews. How are you? Moment of peace or full-time working?

Thanks! The pleasure is my side. I'm pretty honored you guys are starting the interviews with me. And yes, full time as always.

2. We noticed you've been in Miami recently. Can you tell us a litte story of your WMC trip?

Miami and WMC are always great! I've been playing in about 6 shows during my stay. By coincindence I endend up living with Max'C (The vocalist of Axwell's "I Found You") in a house there in Miami Springs during our stay. So we started to create a new track together. The raw vcoals are already done and I'm starting on finalizing the playback this month.

3. Through your latest singles and remixes, one can realize you obviously will never leave the classic funky-side when making house music, but it is also found some progressive tunes and touches of electro. Does it just come up to your mind or the interpolation (let's call it rotation, better) is a benefit nowadays?

Simple as that. I'm overly interested in music, different genres/styles and their approaches; so I prefer not to repeat myself too much and try different routes. This is not a career move, I just work that way.

4. What's new in 2012? World Tour? How strict are you when organizing your life?

It may seem a classic answer but you know: new tracks, new spots to play, keep moving. I'm not pretty much in the studio every day when there are no trips. That consumes most of my time. So quite strict. Gym and healthy food, and then back on the road.

5. Since your first recordings many years ago, how can you describe the evolution of House Music until today? Do you think there's a globalization regarding to the "being a DJ/producer" thing?

Well, House Music has spread out in so many different sub categories. Progressive made it into the Mainroom and now Dubstep is another new trend. Which is cool to me as new things have to happen, so we all can grow as musicians, artists and human beings.

6. And what about sync-DJing? We mean, no more mixing-with-hands, no CDJs... Laptops, Mac and those "Star Trek DJ touch machines" everywhere.

In regards to DJing, I tried Laptops and it's really amazing all what you can do, technically speaking, you know... But! It's not my thing at all. I cannot communicate with the audience with a Laptop screen in front of my face and I have to say most of DJs can't either. So, I'll stick to CDJs for now.

7. The first time we released "Dance Now" (in partnership with Bikini Records), your version was catalogued as one of the best remixes ever. That's why we chose to also include it on our WMC Compilation. Your career definitely gets along with remaking, sampling or remixing old hits. Is there anything in the near future you can exclusively tell us as advance?

Thanks for the love! I truly enjoyed making that Remix. I'm currently working on a bunch of tunes, which will include co-ops and they will be released under my alter ego Big World. Stay on "stand by", there will be news soon of the upcoming releases on my Facebook Page.

8. Well, with these pretty answers, there's no reason to bother you anymore this time. It's been a total delight! We kindly salute you and give you space for the last words... Off topic!

Thanks for having me! I salute you Dbeatzion guys and tell the haters to spread love.

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