The new wave of talents is making itself known. From sports to science, from movies to music. And this, the last one, is the case of Fine Touch. Youthfulness, creativity, improvement, they are just a few qualities when describing this Russian-Federation-based guy. Having already worked on Dbeatzion Records, and positioned among the best artists of the label, we decided to talk directly with the DJ Sasha Bliznec, who carries the Fine Touch project nowadays. Let's see what he has to tell.

1. Hi. Since you're becoming a completely rising star over the EDM scene, as well as being one of the best artists that have leave a mark on Dbeatzion Records, we welcome you to this special and first interview of 2013.

Hello everyone. From Russia with love... this is Fine Touch ! :)  Thanks for having me.

2. We have noticed that the latest months were a banger for you. Lots of projects, famous guys wanting to work with you are in line. What can you tell us about it? Does it have to do with your extremely powerful sound?

Yes, you are right. I am now preparing some stuff with Maurizio Inzaghi, BK Duke, Chriss Ortega, Bartosz Brenez. As well as working on a joint track with my English friends "Third Party"; and soon will write a joint track with Shena & Bartosz Brenez.

3. Let's talk a bit about your brand new single "My Love" with our colleague and friend BK Duke and Tanya Michelle in vocals. An extreme house music heavyweight! How did this project come up?

We are very familiar with BK Duke and we wanted for long to record a track but we did not have enough time to put our ideas together. But then we were able, we made it! "My Love" has just been released by the Italian label Moda Top. I am very happy that we have a great track with support all over the world.

4. 4. How are you feeling in regards to your big fame achieved recently?

I do not consider myself a celebrity. I am just a guy from Russia who likes to write and play music for the crowd.

5. You have been working with us in several projects either being remixes or originals. That is the case of "Rhythm Is A Dancer 2012", a remake you made along with Cristian Poow, who released a first version back in 2011. You have printed a modern electro house mood that everyone loves. Does it bring any special thoughts?

Yes, this new remake was produced with my friend Cristian in the past year! We got quite a big release there and I hope sooner or later we will be able to repeat what we already have!

6. What can we expect from you in the near future? Are you going to surprise with a new song on Dbeatzion Records? Anything in mind?

I think this year Dbeatzion will be full of great music as always. It is all working out in the right direction. If I tell you, there will be no surprise, so let's stay there.

7. Tell us about your studio. What is it made of? Are you doing hardware and software at the same time? How important is the groove in a track? Do you spend more time on it than the sound itself or is it the other way around?

Ha ha! My studio is at home. It is all about my iMac and my laptop. But however, pretty happy with what I have, this is enough for me to work on the tracks. All what I made cames out from the top of my head. with a piece of inspiration from 80's and 90's music. I have to say that I also love Disco and Rock and Roll.

8. What are you up to now? Big gigs are coming? Tour? Vacations? Home working?

No vacactions at all, I guess. There are a lot of performances scheduled in different countries this year. All the information is found on my Website.

9. FFinishing this interview, and being highly thankful for your time, we leave the following lines up to you - say what you want and what you feel is important to be read (for public in general, for producers and DJs). We hope to see you again soon in another interview with other big news and new stuff.

I want to wish you all in the world just peace! And may the life itself inspire friends and colleagues with creativity and get them into success! Thank you.

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