We're here not only to discuss but also to learn from one of the most wanted producers of the world, if we may say it. Jerome Isma-Ae is a brand, unique on what he did and does, one of those who have maintained themselves in line, no matter where the marketplace moves to. Let's say hello to a real Meister!

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1.- Jerome, by letting people know that you are way more than a Progressive House producer, when or where do you think was your breakthrough? Your first projects in the 90's, your collaborations to big companies ads, the funky side or the recognition as one of the best EDM producers in the world in recent years?

I've learnt a lot about Production in the early 90's. My journey went through Techno, House and a few other styles. But I've found the sound that I really love when I started my label Jee Productions in the end of 2004. That proggy-trancy sound with techy-rollin' beats is pretty much my trademark since then.

2.- With over 10 years of Jee Productions under your belt along with the excellence what you are known for, can you tell us about the next step on it? New artists? How about the Schedule for 2014?

I'm working on a few collabs, but I'm also focusing a bit more on my own solo-productions. There might be an Album this year.

3.- As a flashback to the old times, are you still playing and enjoying your classic tunes or is it all about modern stuff only?

Of course, I've been always doing it. There are many classic tunes that people still enjoy and I prepare a lot of Bootlegs of my favourite classics to use them in my DJ Sets.

Emma Hewitt - Colours (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

4.- Can't help but ask you about the show in Mandarine, the hottest club nowadays here in Buenos Aires, plus the show in the coast (Sobremonte, Mar del Plata) a few weeks ago. How were them?

I never had a bad gig in Argentina at all. It's my favourite country to DJ, indeed. The crowd there is just outstanding, amazing! I must say both Clubs (Mandarine and Sobremonte) are always an intense experience, full of joy.

Since Jerome Isma-Ae has remixed the U.K. girlband Sirens, Dbeatzion Records had the honour to get him for the "Sirens Remixed Album (2 CDs)" where he is the most important artist, sharing place with Bimbo Jones, Almighty, Jody Den Broeder, Cristian Poow and more.

Sirens - Stilettos (Jerome Isma-Ae's Louboutin Mix) [Kitchenware / Dbeatzion Records]

5.- I now invite you to introduce us "Refused", your brand new work alongside Mark Sixma, a track full of enhanced pads and stabs.

I have been following Mark Sixma's productions for a while, and I ended up contacting him to see if he would be interested in a collaboration. I really like the result of "Refused" as we could combine 2 very different styles on it.

Jerome Isma Ae & Mark Sixma - Refused (Original Mix)

6.- There are several projects with big sharks of Trance Music such as Alex M.O.R.P.H. How do you feel the styles swap and the final product that comes up out of it?

Well, nobody expected something like our track "Bang", which is more like a drum-oriented, techy as well as house-influenced track. It went very well on Beatport and of course in the clubs: Many famous DJs have supported this tune.

7.- What's your opinion when it comes to a bunch of songs – let's say a new wave – being catalogued as Progressive House when they certainly are not?

It makes it very hard to find what you are looking for.

8.- For all desperate production-stalkers who always want to know some sort of secrets: What is your Studio made of? What is the thing that can never be forgotten?

This the sequence. I do the most of the stuff with my Apple computer and Logic Pro. But sometimes I go to a friend's studio in order to do the Mixdown with an SSL Axiom Desk as well as to apply Tube Compressors to give the track some special sound and colour.

9.- The last question is not a question but a space where the interviewed are free to express whatever they want. Here your words to the public, Jerome. And a special thanks for taking your time to do the talk.

"It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world." - Nelson Mandela.

The Yearmix - The Best Jerome Isma-Ae Tracks & Bootlegs Of 2013

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